How a Medical Answering Service Works

How to Efficiently Deal with Patients and Customers in a Doctor’s Office

A doctors’ office is a very busy place. Aside from patients that come in for treatment there is also a high volume of calls that the office receptionist need to handle day after day. Sometimes the office receptionist handles patients and customers of three or more doctors while at the same time taking out-patient complaints, initial vital signs and the patient’s weight, a short interview as well as the patient’s bill. It is difficult to handle multiple jobs at a time and in doing this may only increase the chances of committing mistakes and costly errors.

There are different ways to efficiently deal with patients especially in handling phone conversations with patients and clients. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Use an efficient business phone system. Any kind of office deserves a business phone that can handle multiple extensions at the same time. It also has features that will meet different business needs. This phone must also be user-friendly and will provide an easy interface that will integrate other phones in the office.
  2. If you are a doctor or a specialist in a doctors’ office, train your staff well. Training should include how to answer calls, how to return calls, how to remind patients of their appointments and how to handle complaints and inquiries.
  3. Use an appointment software for patients and clients. An appointment software is a computer program that will help doctors’ office receptionist handle appointment setting for multiple customers and for different doctors or specialists. It will efficiently schedule an appointment according to the doctor’s schedule and will also automatically contact patients through email, text or by an automated voice prompt of their appointment. This is an efficient way to handle customers and clients however, patients need a sensitive and caring person to talk to especially in times of sickness or a medical condition.
  4. Medical answering services are a type of answering service that is handled by a third party call center. All the patient’s concerns are handled; from setting an appointment to patient complaints. An answering service is more than a service that will handle incoming calls but will also be a source of comfort for patients since they are talking to someone live at the other end. Patients will feel at ease knowing that there is a professional or an expert that is willing to help them with their needs.

A medical answering service (if you want to read more about it, check out our website here – PCN Call Center) will also free your receptionist to do other office work. She can concentrate on updating patient’s records, handling actual out-patients, getting patients’ histories and accommodating patients in clients in the office lobby. You will also have peace of mind knowing that there is an efficient customer service system that will work hand in hand with you in caring for your patients. You can find medical telephone answering services online; compare service features and rates so you can find the most suitable one to meet your needs.

Moving Up In The World

So I am no longer just an operator at work. You are reading a blog post from the newest night shift supervisor! I know, I know, it doesn’t soundthat impressive, but believe me it is a big step up for me. First of all, I now have a regular schedule. No more waiting to see what days I will work because I have a set schedule. Did you hear that? I HAVE A SET SCHEDULE!!!! Can you tell I’m a little bit excited?

It also means that I get to use an office for part of my shift. An office! No more workstation, but my very own office!!! (that I just happen to share with all of the other supervisors, but that’s beside the point). And it has a window. Which brings me to my very first duty as a supervisor. The windows (even the one in my office!) were being clean and the window washers were not going to be able to come until after hours. After hours meant that I got to be the one to give them the check. The power was intoxicating!!!

Anyway, back to the daily grind… but with a little more spring in my step!

Finally getting benefits!

So, I have been waiting for benefits forever! I have finally been here long enough to qualify and I am so excited. We have an awesome benefits broker (BPS Benefits) that takes great care of us employees. They actually come in and talk to us to make sure that we are getting what we need and that we aren’t paying too much for things that we will never use. How awesome is that?!?!

Other than that, work has been pretty quiet for a bit. Just plugging along getting things done. No funny calls recently to report, which saddens me greatly, but my hours have been picking up so I guess I must be doing something right! I promise I will let you all know as soon as I get another funny call (because who doesn’t love to laugh at the funny things that people will ask on the phone, right?).

On a personal side, I’ve been going to church a bit more and that has been fun. My whole family has been going so it’s really cool to have a time that I know that I will get to see everyone and we are meeting some new friends too. Maybe I’ll post more about our new church in an upcoming post… you never know! Until then, hope all goes well for you all!

Getting a New Office!

So, we are all super excited that we are getting a new office setup. We have a great Riverside commercial construction company working on this project and there has been a lot of progress recently! We can see our workstations and the awesome new desks. We even got a tour yesterday of the new break room which is just amazing. No more nasty break room that we don’t really want to eat in. Now, we can dine in style!

It will be another two weeks or so before it is finished and we get to move in, but you can’t imagine how excited we all are.

Can’t Be For Real, Right?

A hilarious call that I fielded back in July for a hotel. It is times like this that I don’t mind my job so much because every call has the potential to be an experience. Especially since we are open 24 hours a day as a live answering service, I am looking even more forward to some of the calls that come in. Oh well, here is the exchange. I hope it brightens your day like it brightened mine!

Me: “(hotel name) thank you for calling, how may I help you today?”

Caller: “I would like a room for today please (in a very strong English accent).”

Me: “Mam, I am sorry, but we are all booked today.”

Caller: “Really, you are all booked?”

Me: “Yes mam, it is July 4th, and we are always We’re always booked on the 4th.”

Caller: “I am aware of the date! What does that have to do with you being booked?”

Me: “Well, it’s the fourth of July.”

Caller: “Please, I just want a room!”

Me: “Mam, we are completely booked. In fact, the entire town is booked.”

Caller: “Why on earth would the entire town be booked?”

Me: “Mam, it’s the 4th of July, Independence Day”

Caller: “Independence Day? Independence from what?”

Me: “Well, England…”

Caller: “I can’t believe this!” – click

I Like To Laugh

So I was sitting in a training session at my answering service about our new medical answering service accounts, and I look over at my coworker and he is doubled over laughing (though silently so that the boss wouldn’t notice). I looked at what he was doing and he had a youtube video up. Well, I love to laugh too, so I scooted over to check it out. Soon, I was laughing too. We only got into a little bit of trouble with the boss, so it was totally worth it. Here is what we were watching in case you need a good laugh today! If you think of any other funny things that you think would make me laugh, let me know… I’ll be in a benefits meeting tomorrow and we all know how exciting that is going to be!

Funny Rules To Live By

So, like I said, I work in a business answering service. We have fun, but there is definitely the potential to get dumped on repeatedly. One of the great things about working there has been that I have learned to stick up for myself, and I think that I am a much stronger person for it. I love my job, and I love what it has done for me. And I was reading through some “rules to live by” the other day, and I saw some great wisdom in them. These are 5 rules to live by that have contributed to me changing my life for the better. Do with them what you will…

1. A pat on the back is only a few centimeters from a kick in the butt.

2. Don’t be irreplaceable, if you can’t be replaced, you can’t be promoted.

3. The more crap you put up with, the more crap you are going to get.

4. Keep your boss’s boss off your boss’s back.

5. If it wasn’t for the last minute, nothing would get done.


My New Blog

Hey all, I’m excited to announce that I am going to be starting a blog here at! I can’t promise that it will be regular, and I definitely can’t promise that it will be focused. I’m interested in a lot of things, so I apologize, but my posts will probably be all over the place. I’ll give some recommendations, I might make you laugh, I probably won’t make you cry, and I’ll generally talk about whatever pops into my mind.

Some things that I may talk about -

I love Manchester United, so if they have a big win, a big transfer, or on the rare occasion that they suffer a heartbreaking loss, you can probably read about it here. Right now, I desperately hope that we bring in another midfielder because Paul Scholes cannot go on forever. He played great last season, but who knows if he can do that through a whole season at his age. And, while Cleverly has shown patches of brilliance, I’m not quite ready to hand him the reigns at the center of the midfield. And don’t get me started on Carrick… granted he was our most consistent performer in the midfield last season, that was more down to the poor play of others than anything great that he did.

I am passionate about education, and I think that the system is a bit broken here in California. It hurts my head to see the way that kids are taught math especially. I don’t see the wisdom in teaching them 5 or 6 different ways to do something without letting them get good at any of them. Why not teach them to do it one way, let them get lots of practice, and actually master something? Makes too much sense, I know. Ugh…

I’ve got two young boys and I have so much fun with them, so you might hear about them or some of the funny things that they do. My youngest is a 3 year old, and he is our little firecracker. He loves the Cars movies and all things trains. One of his favorite questions to ask people is, “do you know a lot about trains?” In the event that the person says no, he’ll answer, “Don’t worry, I’ll teach you.” He cracks us up.

My day job is at an answering service, which I mostly like. It pays the bills and I get some pretty good stories from the calls that I take. I look forward to getting to know you all, and I would love it if you dropped in and left a comment.